What’s Your Lombardi?

When Dr. Tony Evans served as a chaplain for the National Football League, he got the opportunity to speak to players on the eve of the Super Bowl. What he remembers most about that moment was the intense focus he saw in their eyes. Each player was locked in on the task at hand: winning a championship. They weren’t satisfied with a great season or a winning playoff run. They wanted a Lombardi Trophy.

What’s your Lombardi Trophy? What area of life captures your focus like that? Building a good marriage? Better parenting? Deepening your faith?

Whatever the goal, distraction will be the most common obstacle. Distraction is a refuge when times are tough. Hard work and commitment can be painful and demands a lot from us – sometimes more than we think we can bear. And, so, we escape into ease and comfort. The problem is that ease and comfort lead us further away from our goals, not closer to them.

To avoid distraction, prioritize. Most of the things we do every day are worthwhile, but not all activities are equal. Keep the main thing the main thing. Put your priorities in order and give each one the dedication, focus, and determination it deserves.

Getting from where you are to where you hope to be won’t be easy. To reach your goals, be focused. Lock in on your ultimate prize and cast off whatever distracts you. Live every moment with purpose and seek what truly matters.

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