Weak And Declining Trump Holds Less Than 5 Minute Fake Press Conference With 0 Questions

A sign of Trump’s ongoing decline was that he held an event billed as a press conference with Republican Senators that lasted for less than five minutes, during which he took zero questions.

Watch the whole sham:

Trump said in part:

I just wanted to say that we have great unity. We have great common sense a lot of very smart people in this room and a lot of people that love our country, they love our country beyond just about all else. And the only thing that may be supersedes it is their family and maybe their faith in certain instances. And that’s very nice but they want this country to be great again, and we’re gonna make it great again. And so I just wanted to thank the Republican Senate and I want to thank also the House we met as you know, with the full House Republican House today and we had a tremendous meeting with them also.

And there’s great unity a very similar, different topics actually, but not that different. And is one thing in common we want to make America great again, we want to make our country great again, we’re a nation that’s in decline, were declining nation, we’re a nation that is being left at all over the world we have a leader that’s being left at all over the world and we’re going to turn it around. We’re going to turn it around fast.

When the presumptive presidential nominee has to hold events and declare that the party is unified, it is a sure that the party is definitely not unified.
Convicted felon Trump pulled the same scam that he has been using for nearly a decade where he tells the press that he is holding a press conference to get the cameras to show up, then he rambles on, and takes no questions.

The content of what Trump said in those 4 brief minutes revealed a candidate who can barely communicate and is in decline.

What’s Trump’s message? He doesn’t have one except to rant about how awful America is and how much better it will be if he is president again.

That’s it.

The political pundit class wants to talk about Biden’s age, but weak and tired Trump can’t even last 5 minutes at an event where he refuses to take questions.

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