Trump’s Debate Numbers Plummeted With Swing Voters Every Time He Opened His Mouth

While the media is obsessing over Biden’s age, more data is emerging about just how terrible Donald Trump’s debate performance was.

Biden-Harris pollster Molly Murphy told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki:

So to explain to your viewers a little bit about this, we have swing voters. They were in the Midwest, they sit in a room, they watch the debate. Each person is given a dial, a literal dial. You can turn it up as high as 100. If you love what you are hearing, turn it down as low as zero if you hate what you are hearing and the biggest takeaway is every time Donald Trump opened his mouth, those dials dropped, they just absolutely plummeted.

And so they’re watching this because they are trying to decide this is a choice between two candidates. We are watching them watch their choice. And when they saw Donald Trump and when they heard from Donald Trump, those dials dropped, they dropped in particular, when he talked about January 6th, they dropped when he talked about Roe, which doesn’t get as much post game follow up. But he doubled down on being proud of overturning Roe in that debate and the voters took notice of that. And when he three times refused to say he would accept the results of the election unless he liked the results.

Those were his absolute bottom out moments and the president did land really good punches on him. Some of the most stand alone statements that the viewers watching the people in our dials responded to is the only felon is sitting across from me in this room. That was one of the most stand out lines of the night in the discussion, the morals of the alley cat people really, you know, picked up on and
jumped out. And any time the president was reminding voters of how untruthful and how unable they will be to trust Donald Trump. Served as that consistent reminder of the contrast we’re making in this race.


It wasn’t just the Biden pollster finding that Trump performed badly with swing voters. The latest CBS Poll which is framed around Biden, actually contains bad numbers for Trump concerning his debate performance.

Focus groups of swing voters that watched the debate were very turned off by Trump.
If Biden gets back on track, and changes tactics to prove to voters that he has the energy and ability to do the job, he will be in a position to win.

Biden’s issues are fixable. Donald Trump can’t fix the fact that his biggest problem is being Donald Trump.

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