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Trump Melts Down In Michigan And Starts Yelling Profanities

Donald Trump could not hold it together to do two campaign events in a day, as he melted down in Michigan.

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Trump said:

Just think of this. Joe Biden failed on the border. He failed on inflation. He failed on gas prices. He failed on every single thing including Afghanistan. The most vicious embarrassing day or period in the life of this country, Afghanistan. Remember that disaster? Most embarrassing day. He failed on every single thing. Everything he touches turns to sh*t, every single thing he touches turns out to be no good. He’s no good on policy. He’s no good on military. He’s no good on finance. Our country is crashing. He’s no good on inflation. Inflation is a disaster. It’s eating you alive. It’s a wonder. Joe Biden and his thugs are so desperate to stop us. They know that we are the only ones who can stop them. We are the only ones.

You know, when I say we, we have a big group of people like this all over the place and we have more voters. I say we have 250 million people. I say we have 250 million people that want to see our country be great. Again, in the New Emerson poll just came out. We’re up four points. In Michigan. In another one. We’re up seven points and I saw one where we’re 11 points up in Michigan. And why wouldn’t we be? We’re also leading in every single swing state, every one of them. That’s why we have to watch the cheating. Keep your eyes open, watch the cheating. The radical left democrats rig the presidential election in 2020 but we’re not going to allow them to rig the presidential election the most important day of our life.

If Trump believes the swing state polling, he is an even bigger idiot than anyone imagined. However, Trump is also using the polling to justify his new big lie that after he loses the election was stolen from him again in 2024.

This rambling disaster of a soon to likely be a convicted felon human being is the face that Republicans have put on their party to take before the entire country in an election.

Donald Trump embarrassed himself at a previous campaign stop in Wisconsin, and he followed it up by being completely out of control in Michigan.

Trump is a mess, and he is only going to get worse as the campaign goes on, as Donald Trump is already showing that he will do anything to avoid future criminal convictions by returning to the White House.


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