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Trump Is Sound Asleep As His Lawyer Cross Examines David Pecker

Low energy Trump has returned to court as he is taking a deep sleep nap as his lawyer cross examines David Pecker.

Harry Litman is the courtroom and posted:

The jury is paying close attention to everything that Trump does so for him to be asleep during critical cross examination is disrespectful to Trump’s lawyer, the jury, and the court itself. Trump isn’t doing himself any favors by constantly sleeping in court, but this does not seem to be an intentional strategy.

Trump has seemed like an old man during the trial. He is complaining about having to sit at the defense table. He is complaining about the temperature in the courtroom.
The ex-president is choosing not campaign when court is out of session, and the answer as to why is increasingly obvious. Trump lacks the physical stamina to both campaign and go to court.

If Donald Trump can’t stay awake during a criminal trial where he is facing 34 felony counts and potential incarceration, how can America expect him to stay away and make vital decisions for the nation in the Oval Office?

Donald Trump is too tired to be president.

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