Trump Got His Bond Reduced To $175 Million, But Here’s Why It’s A Loss

An appeals court reduced Trump’s fraud bond and gave him more time to pay, but a key part of the ruling was a big loss for Trump.

NBC News’s Lisa Rubin posted:

An appeals court did reduce the bond to $175 million, but the former president was only given ten additional days to come up with the money. The real kick in the pants for him is that he is still banned from borrowing the money from any institution that does business in the state of New York.

The provision of the ruling that went against Trump:

This means that Donald Trump still can’t borrow the money or likely find a bond company that would put up $175 million unsecured for him.

During an appearance on Fox News, Eric Trump suggested that the bond should be $10 million, and when Trump tried to negotiate the amount of the bond down, he offered $100 million, which indicates that Donald Trump doesn’t have $175 million in cash sitting around.

Trump can’t borrow the money, so he must find someone to give him $175 million or post the cash himself.

Donald Trump has been trying to find someone to give him the money for the last month, but he has gotten nowhere, so it is doubtful that he will suddenly find $175 million stashed behind the classified documents he might still be hiding at Mar-a-Lago.

It is a win that he got the bond amount reduced, but Donald Trump took a big loss on the issue that mattered most.

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