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Trump Embarrasses Himself Trying To Campaign In Wisconsin

Donald Trump tried to campaign in Wisconsin on his day off from court, and the Manhattan defendant embarrassed himself.

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Trump is sensitive about falling asleep in court all of the time as he tried to nudge the audience to support his Sleepy Joe nickname for Biden, but it didn’t work as the audience chose Crooked as the nickname for Biden. Trump has conditioned his fans to only want the hits, so they rejected any attempt at hanging a different, stale, and ineffective nickname on the President.


Trump also decided to spend time ranting about that 2024 hot button issue the 1/6 Committee:

I would transcribe Trump’s comments, but none of what he said was true. Trump repeated his lie that Nancy Pelosi turned down 10,000 troops on 1/6 and he falsely claimed that the 1/6 Committee destroyed evidence. Trump also claimed that he never attacked a Secret Service agent.

Video of Trump lying about 1/6:

Trump would be better off sleeping in a courtroom than attempting to campaign. The entire event was an unhinged mess. Trump has nothing to say and he can’t even muster the energy to say it loudly or with much passion.

Donald Trump’s insults toward Joe Biden were stale four years ago, as the ex-president insists on using his campaign as a place to vent about everything that is bothering him about losing the 2020 election.

Trump continues to show that he lacks the mental fitness and physical stamina for the presidency, and his “campaign events” are an embarrassment.

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