Trump Embarrasses Himself By Claiming Rising Seas Create Beachfront Property

Trump claimed on Sunday that he helps local weather change as a result of rising seas create extra beachfront property.

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Trump stated:

The single largest menace, not world warming, after they say that the seas will rise over the following 400 years, one eighth of an inch, you recognize, which suggests principally have somewhat extra beachfront property. Okay. Think of it. The seas are going to rise. Who is aware of? But that is the massive menace. I watched Biden the opposite night time.

It’s the best existential. He loves that phrase as a result of it’s a giant phrase. And he thinks, you recognize, he thinks he is aware of he doesn’t even know what the hell the phrase means. He goes, it’s the best existential menace to our nation. Global warming.


According to a 2022 NASA examine, sea ranges are projected to rise not less than a foot over the following 20-30 years within the US. The rise can be even larger in Southeast and alongside the Gulf Coast. The nation is just not going to have extra beachfront property. The nation may have what’s described as catastrophic flooding.

Rising sea ranges don’t create beachfront property, and the degrees are going to rise a lot quicker than Trump advised.

We can now add local weather change and sea ranges to tariffs and hurricanes to the checklist of issues that Donald Trump doesn’t perceive.

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