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Trump Can Only Get Tiffany Trump To Show Up At His Trial

On the day of closing arguments at the hush money trial, Trump’s only family in the courtroom was his daughter Tiffany.

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If you squint and look closely in the background over Trump’s shoulder, that fuzzy blonde figure is his daughter:

To rub salt in the wound, reporters asked Trump where his wife Melania was, as she had apparently pulled a Kate Middleton and vanished from the scene.

It is the final day of arguments at the trial. If Donald Trump had any sort of a typical family dynamic, he would be able to get more than the son he ignores (Eric Trump) and the daughter he barely admits exists (Tiffany Trump) to show up and support him at his trial.

Donald and Melania Trump reportedly have a transactional marriage, so the only way she would ever show up in court would likely be if Trump cut a big check and paid her appearance fee.

Trump’s defense has been that he covered up the hush money reimbursements to protect his family. You know, the same family he cares about so much that he spends no time with them, and the same family cares about him so much that they are allowing him to rot in a freezing courtroom without a warm blanket to help him through his naps.

Trump needed a show of family support. Instead, he got Tiffany.

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