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Trump Busted Golfing Instead Of Campaigning Outside Of Court

Donald Trump has been complaining that he can’t campaign due to the criminal trial, but when the court was out of session, the ex-president was playing golf.

Kristen Holmes of CNN posted:

Trump spent Wednesday playing golf at his Bedminster club, sources told CNN. Wednesday’s the only weekday court isn’t in for his NY criminal trial. Trump has lamented that trial has kept him off campaign trail: “Im not in GA or FL or NC campaigning like I should be” he said Mon.

The trial has never stopped Trump from campaigning. The Republican Party has nominated a man who is lazy and does want to campaign. Before the trial, Trump was only holding one event a week usually on Saturday evenings. Trump could be campaigning all over the country when the court is not in session.

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Instead, he is choosing to hang out at his club, and rage post on Truth Social.

The polling has shown a shift toward President Biden in the last month, but Trump seems to have no urgency about him.

Trump isn’t campaigning because he doesn’t want to. This isn’t the Donald Trump of 2016 who seemed to be everywhere and put in the legwork to get his voters out.

Donald Trump really isn’t trying in 2024, and his claim that the trial is keeping him off the campaign trail is a lie that is disproven by his own choices when the court is not in session.

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