Trump Appears To Threaten The Life Of NY Judge

Trump told his supporters that the New York judge who ruled that he committed fraud must be stopped.

The former president posted on Truth Social:

WE NEED JUSTICE IN OUR COUNTRY! This political hack judge, who values, Mar-a-Lago, the most spectacular parcel of real estate in Palm Beach, and perhaps all of Florida, at $18 million in order to reduce valuations on my financial statements, which are, in fact, lower than my actual net worth, must be stopped. I have had very unfair judges since entering politics, but nobody has been as unhinged as this guy.

Mar-a-Lago is worth, perhaps, 100 times more than he values it. Other properties are likewise worth substantially more. I am worth billions more than my very conservatively stated financial statements, and therefore could not have defrauded the banks, who all made money & were all paid back, or are current, with no defaults or any other problem. Additionally, there is a powerful Disclaimer Clause on the first pages of the Financial Statements. It states that nothing in the Financial Statements should be accepted as fact!

It wasn’t the judge that did the valuation. It was an independent appraisal. Mar-a-Lago is also not being taxed as a billion-dollar property, so the facts suggest that Donald Trump is lying and making a valuation based on what he thinks his “brand” is worth, which the not accurate because his time as president destroyed the value of his brand.

The bigger point is that Donald Trump is doing what many expected him to do once his facade began to crumble.

Trump appears to be trying to instigate his supporters to harm a judge.

It is a stupid move for Trump to attempt to threaten and intimidate the judge who will be handling the rest of the trial in New York.

If Trump was really worth billions of dollars, he would not be losing his mind over the New York case, but Trump inflated his worth through fraud, and now that the fraud has been exposed, he is threatening the judge with physical harm, because it is all falling apart and a lifetime of lies are coming down on the failed former president.

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