Thug Trump Goes After Stormy Daniels’ 13-Year-Old Child

In yet another story of Donald Trump harassing witnesses, Stormy Daniels told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Donald Trump is trying to get her 13-year-old daughter’s address and other personal identifying information.

In an exclusive interview with Maddow and the first time she’s spoken out after testifying in the New York election interference “hush money” trial in which a jury convicted Donald Trump on 34 felony counts, Stormy Daniels warned that the presumed Republican presidential nominee was making an example of her and trying to force her legally to give up her 13-year-old daughter’s address and other personal identifying information. She said they are trying to take her partner’s house and she has to pay $600,000 plus sanctions and possibly a warrant for her arrest.

“And most importantly, like Trump is trying to make, I believe, trying to make an example out of me, of anybody who dare stand up to him. I was served again yesterday, sorry, day before yesterday, and they are trying to take my partner’s house. Has nothing to do with me. He doesn’t own the house. Technically, it’s got a mortgage to make owns it. I don’t own that house. I pay him rent every month because I split bills with him, but I don’t own it. My name is not on the title. I didn’t put any money down on this house. They’re trying to take his house.”

“They’re demanding personal information about my 13-year-old daughter, I refuse to fill out that form. I’m there identifying information about her, yes, where she lives, her legal name, her date of birth, like, why do you need that about a child? So I didn’t fill out that part of the form. I left it blank, and they rejected it and sent it back, and are demanding that I be held to contempt with sanctions. And that I have to pay this money.”

“I have to pay $600,000 plus sanctions and being contempt of court, which comes with a warrant, possibly arrest warrant, because the things I said, which they found him guilty of, I also have to pay and I’m protecting my child.”

Daniels discussed being doxxed since testifying and receiving death threats that are much more brazen than before, she also reported that her animals have been injured and her daughter can’t go outside because of the press.

This is no way to live all for doing her civic duty by complying with a subpoena.

Daniels made the point that even moms who support Trump wouldn’t want to give him their young daughter’s personal information.

“You could be the biggest Trump supporter, a woman voting for Trump. Ask that woman, yeah. Do you love Trump? Yeah. How do you feel about him having your young daughter’s legal name, address and identifying information? Yeah. And no woman out there, I can imagine, will give that information up. They got my address. Look how quickly that happens. You think I’m going to give up the other address, because sometimes she’s with me, obviously, sometimes she’s with her father. Why would I do that?”

Donald Trump has a history of threatening witnesses. It’s appalling that our legal system is not taking action to protect a witness and unthinkable that they are allowing a thug felon like Donald Trump to go after a 13-year-old child in retaliation.

Donald Trump is taking advantage of weakness in our institutions, exploiting them to punish and harass anyone who speaks out against him. He wants control of the FBI and the DOJ if he becomes president again. The Supreme Court has granted him King-like powers, so his character is even more important than ever. Do we want a King who harasses a 13-year-old child to punish the parent? Imagine what he would do with the unlimited power of the federal government, military, and investigative agencies.


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