This new website is geared toward building wealth for women

“Real Estate Wealth for Women” offers an abundance of resources and interviews with experts to help women make smarter financial decisions, especially when it comes to real estate. The brainchild of Bernice Ross, it’s available in both public-facing free and private paid tiers.

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After checking groceries to pay her way through college, 20-something-year-old Bernice Ross put together “every dime [she] had” to fund a 20 percent down payment on her first condo.

“The woman who’d shown me some condos wore raggedy jeans and had ‘Million Dollar Club’ on her card. I thought, ‘If she can sell a million dollars in real estate, maybe I can sell one or two condos.’”

Thus began Ross’s odyssey through real estate, first as an agent selling condos herself and, over time, as a trainer and author — not to mention a long-time Inman contributor.

Now, Ross is bringing her “if you build it, they will come” philosophy — and her passion for working with women — to a new endeavor: a website that’s seeking to help women become homeowners first, then, eventually, wealth builders.

Building a content resource geared toward women

On her site, Real Estate Wealth for Women, Ross shares hours of video interviews and written resources on everything from buying a first home to saving for retirement. The site offers both a public-facing free tier and a paid subscription version.

Ross said that one of her biggest passions has been helping women, both as clients and real estate professionals. She organizes the annual Awesome Females in Real Estate conference and writes about women’s issues in much of her content.

In part, the impetus for creating a content platform geared toward connecting women with the investment potential of real estate comes from Ross’s real-life experience in seeing friends and neighbors struggling financially.

“I live in a 55-plus community, and they raise the dues here from time to time,” she said. “I watch women’s money being eroded away by inflation. I see their 401(k)s wiped out in the stock market. I want to provide a different route out of the financial challenges women face.”

Who the website serves

According to Ross, the foundational purpose of the website is to help more women become homeowners. That homebuying material is free and includes resources on buying versus renting, mortgages and down payment assistance programs.

The paid part of the site offers extensive resources for both current and prospective real estate investors, an audience Ross has worked with throughout her career.

“When I got into the business in my 20s, my first clients were all investment clients,” she said. “Then the market went south and you couldn’t get financing. I really cut my teeth on the investment business, then later began working with luxury real estate.”

Part of Ross’ focus on real estate investment comes from her experience with the stock market. “My brother and I had money wiped out in the dotcom crash, so I want to show Realtors and consumers how they can use real estate to fund their kids’ school, to create money for retirement and to leave a legacy for their children.”

How this website is different

Although there are already real estate investment resources available online, the educational component and the woman’s perspective are powerful differentiators for Ross.

“When I look at what’s out there for women, there are a lot of guys out there [real estate investors], and almost everybody is pushing a product. The education side is who I am. From the time I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a teacher.“

The premium membership tier, geared toward investors, costs $20 per month or $200 annually and offers access to both investment-oriented content and a “community of like-minded investors.”

Ross sees the premium membership as an ideal training resource for both individuals and investment groups. Her goal is to provide education, not to promote specific investments. “That’s between you, your CPA and your legal counsel,” she said.

Topics range from syndication to types of investments, banking on real estate for retirement, house hacking, and creating intergenerational wealth along with content that’s specifically geared toward real estate professionals. Experts featured include tax strategist David Perez, financial fitness with Amy Chorew and investor trends with Kurt Carlton.

With a goal to introduce experts who are “incredible resources” and make their work accessible to a broader audience, Ross’ website offers a comprehensive rabbit hole for real estate professionals, their clients and anyone who wants to make smarter decisions about money and real estate.

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