These Elite Lululemon Shorts Are Absurdly Cheap Right Now

There comes a point in every guy’s life when he must seriously consider buying a pair of Lululemon shorts. Perhaps said guy is sick of hearing his buddies crow about how unencumbered their thighs feel on the track, or how supported their entire situation feels on the treadmill. Perhaps said guy is already a fan of Lululemon’s pants, and just can’t bear to part with all that signature stretch, temperature be damned. If that guy is you, we’ve got fantastic news: There’s never been a better time to snag a pair of the athleisure juggernaut’s shorts, from sporty trail-ready joints to classic chino-adjacent riffs.

Five Lululemon Shorts Worth Snagging Pronto

Lululemon’s popularity means that the brand never really has to discount its wares. (They’re going to sell anyway, so why bother cutting into profits?) Sometimes, though, even the big dogs produce a little too much product. When that happens, Lululemon graciously allows us to reap the benefits for a lot less cash than usual, courtesy of its “We Made Too Much” section—which is absolutely flooded with shorts right now. It’s a win-win situation for all involved, especially if you’re thoroughly fed up with those buddies outpacing you in the park (and would rather be working on a tan anyway). Nab a couple of these before they do and put the money you saved towards a fancier tube of sunscreen.

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