The Republican Plan To Change The Law To Protect Trump Is Already Dead

House Republican MAGAs hatched a plan to change the law to protect Trump from prosecution, but it is described as already dead in the water.

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Politico reported:

House Republican leaders are privately gauging support for legislation that would let both current and former presidents move a state case to federal courts, four Republicans familiar with the effort confirmed to POLITICO. It already seems dead in the water.


But it’s not clear if the bill — spearheaded by Rep. Russell Fry (R-S.C.) — has the votes needed to clear the House, according to three of the people, who all spoke on condition of anonymity. And even if it could pass that chamber, it’s almost certainly dead in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The MAGAs in the House are pressuring Speaker Mike Johnson to allow a vote on the bill as a show of support and unity behind Trump, but that gesture will backfire on Republicans if they bring the bill to the floor for a vote and it fails to pass.

The problem is that there are 19 House Republicans who currently hold seats in districts that President Biden won in 2020.

For those Republicans, any vote to protect Trump is probably career suicide. The Republicans in the Biden districts won and have been able to keep their seats by not being MAGAs. If they were to vote to change the law to protect Trump, the vote would be used against them daily until the end of the 2024 election.

Not even House Republicans can help convicted felon Trump.

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