The Real Life Diet of Gerry Turner, the “Golden Bachelor,” Who Plays Nine Hours of Pickleball a Week

There were a variety of locations. I was in several different places. And yes, at times I had the opportunity to use a pool or had the opportunity to use a gymnasium for a session of exercise. I was able to walk several times, and being an old runner, that was very helpful. I would always clear my head during a long run. Now walking is the best substitute for that.

Is that what you do normally when you’re not on the show?

Well, I’ll take walks because I have a dog and the dog loves to walk. One of the nearby lakes has a circuit around it that is three miles, so I get that. But for the most part, I spend three mornings a week—about three hours each morning—playing some pretty vigorous pickleball. I get my exercise that way.

Were you able to get some pickleball in during the filming of the show?

There was an opportunity for a little bit of pickleball. I wasn’t quite as active with it as I wanted to be, but there was some pickleball played.

What were you eating? How did you stay healthy while you were traveling and moving around so much?

It was a bit of a challenge, but I had really excellent people with me. Two guys primarily, Bradford and Steve, were always with me. They were always helpful at getting me food. It was nonstop conversation about food and water and snacks and everything. So if I got hungry, it was on me, not on anyone else.

And when you’re not filming, what does a full day of meals look like for you?

I will always eat breakfast. Usually on Sunday, I make a big breakfast but I will always have breakfast. Then at lunch. It’s like a sandwich, and a yogurt and an apple. That’s pretty much my standard. Then for dinner, it kind of depends on the time of year. If I can grill out during the summer, I’ll grill out as much as I possibly can. I love grilling out salmon, and that’s probably my favorite. I’ll do vegetables and you know, it’s just a variety of things.

What are you eating exactly for breakfast?

It’s usually one of three things—I have oatmeal, or I have Grape Nuts cereal. I love Grape Nuts and blueberries. Then I’ll also have scrambled eggs and toast.

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