The Pharrell ’Stache Is Back

Dig into the YouTube comments for Babyface’s 2001 Neptunes-produced track “There She Goes,” and you’ll find a pointed callout to one of its creators:

“This song is underrated. Shout out to Mustache Pharrell.”

Ah, yes. Mustache Pharrell. Back in 2001 when Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes were, among other things, routinely cranking out every single club banger you’ve ever loved, Skateboard P was also rocking some distinctly svelte facial hair. Alternatively beloved and maligned by his most diehard fans, Pharrell’s mustache became a signifier for a raunchier era in pop culture—a relic of a time when you could smell the nightclub sweat dripping off a snare-drum snap, when the synthesizer was king.

At a 2001 music-video shoot with Brandy, Lil’ Kim, and Ray J, a wild “Moustache Pharrell” appears.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Pharrell later brought back the ’stache in the 2010s and then again, briefly, during the pandemic (but then again, who didn’t?). Now, based on his appearance at a Moncler event last night during Milan Fashion Week, Mustache P has returned. Pharrell was there to launch his capsule collection with the luxury Italian outerwear brand. He posed for photos with Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini while sporting a puffy tactical vest from the collaboration, and matched his throwback facial hair with equally retro aviator shades.

And while this may be exciting news for Pharrell fans, it is perhaps an even more monumental revelation for anyone who is capable of and interested in growing a mustache. Grow out that ’stache if you’ve got it! Pharrell might be aging in reverse, but the rest of us only have one life to live.

Pharrell and Moncler CEO Remo Ruffini on September 20, at Milan Fashion Week.

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