The Orlando Magic Are Bringing Back a Modern Classic Jersey

In our humble opinion, these are a huge W for the Magic. Not only did they nail the roll out—crushing the entire social campaign and getting several franchise legends to participate—they got nearly universal praise for the threads. Lots of enthusiastic internet commenters blessed them with a “10/10” or “too clean” stamps of approval. The Magic also did well to realize that sometimes the best paths for ingenuity are through the past. This is something multiple NFL teams are embracing as well, and we’re all for it.

The Magic were still a very young franchise when these bad boys first took the court, and a funky uniform—as well as the aforementioned McGrady, led by Doc Rivers in his first stint as an NBA head coach—gave them an identity. That’s something that’s sorely been lacking from recent editions of the Magic, who have a young and fun nucleus, just not a lot of wins to show for it yet. If Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, Jalen Suggs and the rest of the current roster look as fresh as McGrady, an oft-injured Grant Hill, and an aged Patrick Ewing (!) did the first time around, at the very least, the Magic will have something to make them feel good.

Shout out to Pat for having to wear #6 in Orlando but keeping #33 on his shoes

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This is also the 35th season of Orlando Magic basketball, which means the team is rolling out a bunch of anniversary stuff. One such example is a slick alternate court that will grace the arena this year. Again, they knocked this out of the park.

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As for the jerseys themselves, the Magic have lined up ten dates (nearly a quarter of their home games!) to wear them in action. Unfortunately, none of them are against the Brooklyn Nets, which means we’ll be denied a chance to see them share the hardwood with the Nets’ KAWS collab jersey. But who knows? Maybe this is the year the Magic figure it out, creep above .500, and have to come through Brooklyn for a playoff series. That wouldn’t exactly be the most stimulating basketball experience the NBA has to offer—but it might be its most visually stunning.

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