The Latest Casio Pro Trek Turns a Blanket Into the Ultimate Fall Watch

In our neck of the woods, the end of summer only means one thing: it’s flannel season, y’all. The leaves are changing color, the air is thick with pumpkin spice, and the time has come to once again bust out the woodsiest of all the fall wardrobe essentials, those hardy plaid button-downs.

The flannel shirt has been a go-to for stylish folks—from the cowboys of the Old West to Kurt Cobain to A$AP Rocky—for more than a century thanks to its unbeatable combination of durability, versatility, and straight-up toastiness. So if you’re looking for more flannel in your life this fall (and why wouldn’t you be?) look no further than the Casio Pro Trek x Pendleton, a new collab that links Casio’s outdoorsiest digital ticker with the most iconic name in flanneldom.

In the family tree of Casio watches, the Pro Trek is the G-Shock’s nature-loving cousin, with features like a triple-sensor (altitude, temperature, and barometric pressure), a compass, and 100m water-resistance that make it ready to handle anything the great outdoors has in store. Pendleton, as you may know, is the grandaddy of flannel brands, and after more than a century in business, still makes its blankets and sturdy button-downs in the Pacific Northwest from 100% virgin wool. (They were also, briefly, the original namesake of the Beach Boys, but that’s a story for another day.)

The Casio Pro Trek x Pendleton upgrades the friendly ana-digi look of the latest Pro Trek model with a strap modeled after Pendleton’s X4 pattern—which adorns the brand’s legendary outerwear and bedding—along with a matching motif on the dial and hands. In line with its gorpcore sensibility, the watch also features eco-friendly touches like a case made from bio-sourced plastic, a solar-powered movement, and a storage bag made from Pendleton eco-wise wool. All of that makes the Pro Trek and a strap inspired by a classic Pendleton motif as natural a combo as campfires and s’mores, and the perfect way to go all-in on flannel any time of the year.

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