The GQ Hype Cover Stars Around the World Define ‘Change Is Good’ for 2024

Today, the concept of masculinity is in a constant state of transformation, redefinition and recontextualization. The conversation around masculinity—what it means, who determines it, who should challenge it—is a global one, unfolding every day in different languages and contexts worldwide, but the dialog is universal. GQ’s job in documenting this conversation, enhancing it, and advancing it is more crucial than ever. For nearly seven decades, we have been committed to reflecting masculinity with honest, forward-thinking portrayals, and the talent spotlighted in these features represent the next steps in this ongoing project. As discussions about age, diversity, gender, and mental health continue to advance, we’ll be your guide to keep you right in step, as we always have been. Because change, more than ever, is good.

View GQ’s “Change Is Good” Covers from Around the World:

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