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The Bitter New York Times Is Now Complaining About Colin Jost

The New York Times is upset and complaining because Colin Jost made a joke about them needing Wordle to survive financially.

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Here was the joke that Jost made at the White House Correspondents Dinner:

Politico’s Playbook summarized this new front in the NYT/Biden feud:
The no-longer-secret tiff between Biden world and the NYT has moved into new territory: Was COLIN JOST funny? The “Saturday Night Live” veteran’s WHCD set was panned by NYT critic Jason Zinoman yesterday as “muted, vanilla, less assured than usual” — prompting several defenders in presidential orbit to speak up in Jost’s defense.

Treasury spokesperson MEGAN BATES-APPER kicked things off, suggesting on X that the review was payback for a Jost dig at the Times (“Wordle is here today — sorry, I meant the New York Times”). Campaign official T.J. DUCKLO later chimed in to say the paper’s assessments “as usual, badly miss the mark and say more about them and their own insecurities than the topic they are covering,” while former White House comms official JENNIFER PALMIERI called Jost “the best comedian I have seen in that room.”

The New York Times is acting just like Donald Trump and throwing a fit because Colin Jost pointed out that the paper is financially viable due to owning Wordle.

Jost is the latest topic in the feud between the White House and The New York Times. The NYT has been relentlessly attacking President Biden’s age and has admitted that they have an anti-Biden bias because the President will not give them an exclusive interview.

Instead of sitting down with The New York Times last week, Biden went on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Biden isn’t backing down and The New York Times seems to be growing more petty and bitter.

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