The Arched Elegance of Casona Sforza, Puerto Escondido

Along the shoreline of Puerto Escondido can be found a motley of architecture – surfer beach huts, traditional Oaxacan homes, open air eateries and bars, interspersed with a growing number of contemporary vacation homes and resorts attached to architectural pedigree. Casona Sforza belongs to the latter, a blend of organic modernism with local craftsmanship characterized by its arching arrangement of brick architecture. The beachside boutique hotel was conceived by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza and designed by Alberto Kalach of TAX Architects to offer guests a retreat for the senses where the Oaxacan mangrove forest meets the ocean.

Aerial view of Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido with a round salt water swimming pool surrounded by modern cylindrical buildings and sparse vegetation, set in a sandy, open area. The scene has a serene, minimalist aesthetic reminiscent of Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico.

Striking brick arches define the allure of a stay at Casona Sforza, creating a visually captivating interplay of light and shadow. Constructed from locally sourced bricks, the arched light color roofs operate as an effective natural reflective countermeasure to the relentless sunshine. Similar to a shotgun house or railroad flat, the structure’s linear narrow design invites a cooling natural airflow to keep guests comfortable.

An indoor bedroom with open wooden doors leads to a patio with a cushioned bench, overlooking a small pool. The arched ceiling and walls, made of light brick, evoke the charm of Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico. A striped towel hangs on the left.

A brick building with arched doorways and open balconies features a narrow water feature extending from a circular basin, reminiscent of the architectural charm found in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The curved forms extend beyond the exterior into the guest suites, where vaulted ceilings create a voluminous sense of spaciousness and tranquility. Each room is furnished as small sanctuaries of minimalist organic respite, with handcrafted wooden furnishings and neutral tones complementing the surrounding landscape, reinforcing the inside-out lifestyle permeating throughout the culture.

A sandy path with wooden stepping stones leads to a cozy open wooden cabin surrounded by foliage, revealing a bed and a small deck with a lounging chair, reminiscent of the serene retreats in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The use of locally sourced materials not only supports regional artisans but also reinforces the hotel’s commitment to sustainable practices, an ethos that extends to the farm-to-table principle offered by the hotel’s restaurant, La Boveda.

Rooftop terrace at Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, featuring a round stone bathtub, cushioned lounge chair, potted plants, and a stunning view of the ocean under a clear sky.

Modern bathroom with a stone bathtub, wooden blinds, brick walls, and warm lighting inspired by the aesthetics of Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido. A wooden cabinet with open shelving is on the right side of the room, evoking the rustic charm of Oaxaca Mexico.

Guests are welcome to foster memories unique to a stay in Puerto Escondido via local culture and nature-focused activities, including guided tours of nearby ecological reserves, surf lessons, and culinary workshops highlighting Oaxacan cuisine.

A cozy outdoor space with a couch, daybed, and hammock, featuring brick walls and a wooden door, overlooking the mangrove coastal foliage of Puerto Escondido at Casona Sforza.

Beyond its architectural allure and sustainable ethos, Casona Sforza offers a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. The hotel’s serene ambiance is punctuated by the hotel’s concentric circles saltwater pool and Instagram-worthy views of the Pacific Ocean. Guests can unwind with a variety of wellness offerings, including yoga sessions on the beach and personalized spa treatments that incorporate local ingredients and traditional healing practices.

Aerial view of Casona Sforza in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. This luxurious beach resort boasts arched architecture and features a large circular pool surrounded by loungers and greenery, set against sandy terrain and lush foliage.

The soothing presence of Puerto Escondido’s coastline defines any stay at Casona Sforza, a hotel offering guests a blank canvas to facilitate whatever inclinations that define their notion of a vacation. Whether that be days spent chasing dolphins and riding the surf or simply admiring the Oaxacan sunset with drink in hand, all are accommodated at this special 11-suite getaway.

What: Casona Sforza
Where: La Barra Santa María Colotepec, Puerto Escondido 70934, Oaxaca, Mexico
How much: Starting from $303 per night for 1 room with 2 guests
Highlights: Casona Sforza’s 11 vaulted suites are categorized into three offerings: junior, senior, and master. Suites on the ground floor come with their own small, private pools while upper level rooms include private balconies.
Design draw: With its innovative architecture, commitment to sustainability, and deep connection to the local community, Casona Sforza is the sort of luxury destination one could hunker down during the entire stay. But we’d highly recommend scheduling a day trip to visit Tadao Ando’s Casa Wabi, Casa Naila by BAAQ, and Meridiano gallery by architect Tatsuro Miki and Axel Vervoordt for the full architectural experience dotting the Oaxacan coastline.
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Photography by Alex Krotkov, courtesy of Casona Sforza.

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