Team Tactics: Taking Advantage of Client Reviews (and Referrals)

Real estate has always been a social business. Before the internet and social media, a REALTOR’S® marketing has always heavily relied on word of mouth and in person connections. Reviews and referrals are a huge part of this, and cannot be overlooked.

Client reviews are very important to your team’s business and how you market yourself. Having clients review your team proves your member’s prowess and expertise, verifying them to prospective clients. Plus, referrals are the easiest and most surefire way to gain more clientele. 

Here are some ways your team can take advantage of client reviews and referrals:

Encourage client reviews and referrals

To be able to take advantage of reviews and referrals, your team has to have your clients do them in the first place. Encourage your team members to have their clients review your team business on google and on your team website (if you haven’t already made a review submission box on your team’s website, now is the time), and encourage them to refer your members to friends and family

Highlight client experiences and reviews on social media

Sharing client success stories has historically been a great way to market your business as a REALTOR®. Adding in that client review to your team’s success story posts is a way to verify your business further by showing potential clients that your team members are not just marketing themselves as good agents, but they have the client testimonials to prove it. 

An added bonus to this is that it makes your team’s clients feel special as well, encouraging them further to refer your members to others and maybe revisit using them for future home needs.

Adding a success stories tab to your website

As mentioned above, it’s good to include a review box on your team’s website for clients to review your members directly. You can then use the box as a way to populate a new tab on your team’s website: success stories. In the same way you share success stories on your team’s social media, it’s important to highlight them and the corresponding client review on your team’s website. Your team’s website gives you the ability to weave longer stories about your team members’ client success stories than social media can, giving even more detail for your members to market yourself and highlight their clients (encouraging referrals like social media highlights do).

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