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Supreme Court Immunity Hearing Has Been A Complete Disaster For Trump

Trump’s lawyer made outlandish claims of broad and comprehensive presidential immunity that liberal and conservative justices seemed not to buy.

Let’s take a look at a couple of the claims.

Trump’s lawyer John Sauer argued that Trump has the legal authority to create fake slates of electors:

Trump legal team also argued that stealing classified documents, the 1/6 attack and trying to overturn the presidential election were all Trump acting in his official capacity as president:

As George Conway pointed out on X, you know things aren’t going well when Sotomayor and Alito are tag teaming a lawyer with skeptical questions:

The Trump legal team has consistently demonstrated that they have no credible legal point to be made on this issue. The argument itself shows why it was a waste of critical and precious time for the Supreme Court to ever agree to hear this case.

Trump is not making argument to protect a president. He is arguing that the president is a dictator that can do what he/she pleases, and is only bound by the remedy of impeachment and conviction. The Trump argument is that the law does not apply to presidents.

It is perhaps the most anti-democracy argument ever made before the Supreme Court, and even this conservative majority isn’t buying it.

President Biden is literally rebuilding America, while prosecutors are building a case that could convict Donald Trump.

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