Stylex Serves up Three New Collections at NeoCon 2024

Perhaps no one had a better time at this year’s NeoCon show than Stylex. In line with the commercial furnishings manufacturer’s ethos of “making things better by making better things,” the brand launched three innovative products, including one with industry leader Gensler, and introduced a new era of color masterminded by European designer and color expert Carole Baijings.

Hands interacting with various color swatches, fabric samples, and design materials on a white surface, including a color palette book and color strips

Woman with wavy blonde hair and a pink ribbed sweater looks into the camera, standing against a light background

Carole Baijings

As the Stylex’s Creative Director, Baijings curated a new color palette and brand identity influenced by European aesthetics. Her unmatched skills in pairing colors, materials, and textures further modernizes Stylex’s products, creating beautiful, timeless collections for commercial spaces. She explains further: “As an art director, designer, and colorist, my passion lies within the composition, the quality of the materials, and how colors and textures interact. Stylex’s diverse portfolio of materials and finishes is uniquely adept to playful complementary contrasts and creativity.”

Two green upholstered booth seating areas with black tables and red vases are separated by a planter containing grass, set against a light purple wall


Partnering with Gensler, Stylex is elevating public and workspaces with Ambi, a banquette collection that derives its name from the word “ambiance.” The stylish seating evolved from a collaboration between Gensler’s research team and Stylex’s product design team and is customizable to fit any layout. Options include power capability and planters for a biophilic touch. For those unsure of the best configuration for their space, Ambi also has preconfigured layouts for workspace, media booth, lounge, and media lounge formats. Launching in September 2024, Ambi offers a comfortable and elegant space for collaboration or focused work.

A public space features a TV mounted on a stand, flanked by two brown sofas with tall backs, two round coffee tables—one yellow and one beige. The floor is light blue, and the walls are beige


A modern office meeting booth with light blue cushioned seating, a central wooden table, and a mounted TV display in the middle, set against a beige wall


Modern office furniture setup with two booth seating areas, brown upholstery, wood panels, and red tables and chairs on a purple floor. One booth has potted plants at the end


Image of modern green upholstered booths facing each other with black tables in between. A tall black planter with green plants separates the two sections. The background is plain white


Three modern, cushioned chairs in maroon, green, and lavender are arranged diagonally on a beige floor with subtle shadows


Arriving in July, Anla is a sophisticated and sculptural chair designed by Anthony Land, product designer and developer at Stylex. The multipurpose seat works in various settings, from dining rooms to offices, thanks to its various customization options, including flared armrests and bases in wood, aluminum, or with casters. The ruched detailing draws attention to chair’s plush upholstery, which covers soft 100% recycled polypropylene foam for a supportive seat.

Three upholstered armchairs in burgundy, green, and lavender colors are placed on a beige floor against a light gray wall


Four modern chairs in different yellow and green shades are displayed on a smooth, gray floor against a plain, light-colored wall. Each chair has a distinct design, with variations in frame and legs


A man with short hair and a slight mustache, wearing a dark sweater over a shirt, smiles with his arms crossed against a plain white background

Anthony Land

A round black table holds a bottle, a glass, and a newspaper. A red cushioned chair with metal legs is placed next to it. The background is neutral with soft lighting

Calder and Anla

Anla pairs perfectly with Calder, another new launch for September designed by Brandon Walker, senior designer at Stylex. This family of tables, which includes coffee, side, laptop, and café table options, features minimalist lines and a thin silhouette, helping them blend seamlessly into the background and visually declutter spaces. The recyclable steel and aluminum bases have a conical detail that adds visual interest. Available in round, square, or pill top shapes in a variety of materials, including metal, hardwood, Caesarstone, laminates, and wood veneer, Calder pays homage to Alexander Calder’s legacy with its sleek, artful design.

A collection of five modern tables of varying heights and shapes, designed with round and rectangular tops, standing on minimalist pedestals in a neutral-toned room

Black and white portrait of a man with short dark hair, glasses, and a half-smile, wearing a collared shirt and a cardigan. He faces the camera against a plain, light-colored background

Brandon Walker

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