Students Integrate Nature Into Plant-Based Design Objects

University students from Tecnológico de Monterrey’s design program took on the project of conceptualizing objects reflective of humans’ domestic relationship with vegetation. Aptly named Plant-Based, some 28 individuals from various campuses collaborated to design objects that easily incorporate plants into our everyday lives. Thematically, each needed to integrate a plant’s basic requirements to thrive – sunlight, water, and soil – while merging form and function into an accessory people would like to have in their space.

Three potted plants, one with variegated leaves in a red pot, another with white flowers in a green pot, and the third with green and red leaves in a beige pot, arranged against a white background.

Marcela Zepeda Nevárez

Henry Julier, Director of Industrial Design at Standard Issue, and Jorge Diego Etienne, an industrial designer and Director of the Design Program, acted as mentors for the entirety of the process. The first phase of Plant-Based was a three-day workshop filled with brainstorming and cardboard prototypes of planters, vases, and plant stands. These forms were later translated during the production phase using steel sheets, chosen for the material’s durability, with students working within a color palette of red, yellow, green, blue, and white.

Two terracotta potted plants are placed on a red, wall-mounted bracket against a stone brick wall.

Kenia Diaz Sosa

Julier and Etienne guided students with expert hands, pushing them toward boundaries while encouraging practical reasoning and innovative approaches. A cool planter is great, but does it ensure the care of the plant? Thanks to the duo, each finished object was not only a reflection of the relationship between people and plants; it was also functional, sustainable, and beautiful. Explore the objects below and let us know which concept you’d love to add to your own space!

A bundle of colorful flowers in a two-piece blue and green vase, set against a plain white background.

Aylinn Iglesias Carré

Two wooden stools with bright blue and orange tops hold white flowers and greenery. They are placed near a metal table with a bouquet of white flowers on it, against a rustic wall.

Anapaula Gil Abadie

A green plant in a yellow hanging planter against a plain white background.

Ana Daniela Gómez Rivera

A red, semi-circular planter filled with green plants is placed on a wooden table against a concrete background.

Carolina Delgado Rangel

Hand placing white flowers into a modern, curved white vase with a similar yellow vase in the background.

Amelia Carolina Criollo Calvo

Yellow wall-mounted planter with three semi-spherical pots containing green leafy plants against a beige textured wall.

Aarón Vega Mariscal

A red pot with green plants sits on a black metal stand next to a modern black chair on a concrete surface against a white brick wall.

Diego Baruch Carrillo Díaz

A green plant in a yellow hanging planter.

Daniela Batalla Mendoza

A modern white vase with an angular design holds a bouquet of red and white flowers with leafy green accents.

Fabián Eduardo Iniesta Espinosa

A hand pours water from a glass jar into a ceramic birdbath with flowers in the upper dish. The birdbath stands in a garden with neatly trimmed shrubs and greenery in the background.

Brenda Picazo Legorreta

Two potted green plants sit in red, uniquely designed planters on a wooden table.

Elizabeth Canché Gutiérrez

A terracotta pot with green plants is placed in a blue metal planter stand against a plain white background.

Jesús Eduardo Duriez Urías

A yellow hanging planter with green vines is suspended from a metal structure against a blue sky with clouds.

Gustavo González Genis

Four colorful hourglass-shaped vases in red, yellow, beige, and blue, each holding different types of plants and flowers, arranged against a plain white background.

Isabella Morales Sánchez + Ana Gtz

Two colorful cylindrical planters, one blue and one red, with leafy green plants growing from the red one, set against a plain white background.

José María Siller Garza

A vertical plant stand with three tiers in yellow, red, and blue, each holding a green potted plant, against a white background.

Johana Hernandez + Cristhian Robles Cruz

A red conical vase containing a bouquet of colorful flowers is placed on a dark tabletop, with a folded napkin and a white plate in the background.

Karla Salazar Cervantes

A white vase filled with yellow and pink flowers is placed on an orange stool.

Pamela Jimena Villafuerte Garza

A green potted plant in a terracotta pot is placed in a blue, metal wall-mounted bracket against a white background.

Valeria Aleth Salas Ramírez

A single pink flower in a minimalistic vase on a round wooden table.

Patricio Rocha Aviña

A person's hand arranges flowers in colorful, uniquely designed vases. The vases are blue, red, and green.

Paulina López Velasco

A contemporary white vase holds delicate blue flowers, set before a round mirror, against a plain white background.

Mónica Isobel Lemus Salazar

Photography courtesy of Tec de Monterrey.

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