Stephen Colbert Shows America Trump’s Press Conference Broken Brain

Stephen Colbert highlighted that Trump can’t make it through a press conference without his broken brain showing itself to the world.

Colbert said, “After the ruling, Trump spoke to the press at what appears to be some sort of flag storage facility. And, well, he got a little confused.”

Trump, “You can’t have an election in the middle of a political season.”

Colbert responded, “No. No, no, so true. Listen, folks, we can’t have an election in a political season! We also can’t have Christmas in the middle of the holidays. Come on. When I’m back in the White House, there will be no car sales allowed during Toyotaathon!” It’s too sacred. Immediately after that, he shared this nugget of wisdom.”

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Trump, “We just had a Super Tuesday, and we had a Tuesday after a Tuesday already.”
Stephen: “And we all know you can’t have more than two Tuesdays. A foursday.”

Colbert continued, “One reporter at this little gaggle here asked Trump about the potential political cost of losing the hush money trial.”

Question, “Would you be concerned that a conviction, if you are convicted at that trial could cost you the election given what polls said voters –”
Trump, “Well, it could also make me more popular.”

Stephen Colbert, ” So… The guiltier he is, the more the crowd loves him. It’s never a great sign when your press conference answers could just as easily be tackled by The Joker.”


Essentially, Trump’s brain is gone. It is shot. The man can’t make it through a public appearance anymore without some sort of confusion, gibberish, or muttering something that no one can understand. Trump thinks that he is still his own best PR person, when in reality, each time he speaks, he makes the case for why he should not be returned to the White House.

Trump’s brain is broken, and when he needs to rise to the occasion, his mind can’t, which should disqualify him from ever being president again.

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