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Stephen Colbert Says He Needs Trump To Be In Jail

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert responded to the judge’s threat to lock the ex-president up by saying that he needs Trump in jail.

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Colbert said:

Before testimony resumed today, Judge Merchan finally issued his ruling on the violations, fining Trump $9,000.Now, I know. $9 000 may not seem like a lot to a successful businessman, but what about to Trump? Th judge lamented that that’s the most he could legally fine him, warning that if Trump keeps violating the gag order, jail may be a necessary punishment. 

I don’t know if it’s necessary for Trump, but I need it.

Now, when the testimony resumed, we got a glimpse of Trump’s legal team’s overall defense: It’s that Trump didn’t have sex with any of the women whom he paid off for silence. So he paid out hundreds o  thousands of dollars so his wife wouldn’t find out he didn’t have an affair. “Melania, I know this is  onna be hard for you to hear, but you’re not the only woman I’m not having sex with.” Okay?


Colbert is not the only one who wants to see Trump in jail. Judging from the reaction of many Americans, they, too, can’t wait to see Trump in jail. Donald Trump looks rough going to this trial each day.

Trump’s defense is absurd, but it is also the same defense he has used when he has been caught doing anything over the last nine years. Trump always claims that he didn’t know the other parties in the scandal and that if he was involved, he didn’t do it.

If Trump is convicted of a felony in New York, he is expected to be incarcerated in some fashion. Legal experts think that  Trump won’t go to prison but instead will be sentenced to house arrest.

Either way, if Trump is incarcerated, a whole of Americans will be happy.

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