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Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump For Having 1 Fan Outside The Courthouse

Stephen Colbert pointed out that Trump’s spirits had to be lifted because he had one supporter outside the courthouse.

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Colbert said:

I am not surprised that these people are in a good mood it was a beautiful spring day here in New York City like 10 out of 10 warm sunny a perfect day for Donald Trump to be stuck in a courtroom freezing his drowsy balls off, but you know what to be fair he somebody’s little boy.  I’m sure his spirits were buoyed by the show of force today from his legion of MAGA  supporters downtown in Manhattan here because when he arrived today he was greeted to the courthouse by a single fan.

The biggest story out of the trial continues to be Trump’s Adventures in Slumberland, and his team seems a little concerned because today Trump’s eyes were closed at the start of the testimony but his lawyers seemed acutely
aware of how important his consciousness is to their case and kept glancing over at his client. Eventually, they’re just
going to have to put him on a baby monitor.


Trump’s fans aren’t showing up. No matter how much Trump tries to scare them into believing that his legal troubles are about them, Donald Trump’s supporters aren’t buying it. They aren’t showing up at the courthouse and massively protesting. They aren’t revealing that they are willing to take it to the streets. Trump’s lack of a supportive presence may be a sign of how much his star has waned.

Even the MAGAs, except for that one supporter who showed up, might be ready to move on.

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