Social Skills: Summer Marketing Strategies for Sizzling Success

Editor’s Note: Social Skills is a bi-monthly feature in RISMedia’s Daily News focused on social media and digital marketing tips, trends and solutions for agents and brokers.

Summer is in full swing, and with a new season comes new strategies for success. With home prices reaching a record high, it is more important than ever for agents to stand out in the market while building and maintaining strong relationships with leads and clients. Here are some effective ways to make your real estate business sizzle this season, and examples for how to showcase your summer strategies across social media.

Host an open house BBQ

Summer is the season of BBQs, so why not take advantage of this seasonal tradition to showcase your for-sale properties? Combining an open house with a BBQ is a great way to attract potential buyers while highlighting the functionality of a home in a relaxed, welcoming environment. Promote the event across your social accounts, inviting your followers to join. Pro tip: Create a Facebook event page to encourage your followers and interested buyers to RSVP, and be sure to provide enticing updates as the BBQ gets closer.

Example social media post:

Nothing says summer like a BBQ! Join us this Saturday at for an open house and a delicious BBQ. It’s the perfect time to find your dream home and enjoy some great food. Don’t forget to RSVP! #OpenHouse #SummerBBQ #DreamHome #RealEstate

Host or sponsor client events

Client events can significantly strengthen your relationships with past, current and prospective clients. Organize summer-themes events such as outdoor movie nights, pool parties or, as mentioned above, open house BBQs. Document these events with high-quality photos and videos. By sharing these across your social media, you are showing appreciation to your clients and humanizing your brand. 

Example social media post:

We are hosting a Summer Outdoor Movie Night this Friday at ! Bring your family and friends to enjoy a classic summer flick under the stars. Popcorn and refreshments will be provided. We can’t wait to see you there! #ClientAppreciation #OutdoorMovieNight #RealEstate

Share market trends and predictions

Sharing insights about the real estate market helps position you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy agent. Create posts that highlight current market trends, future predictions and advice on buying or renting during the summer. Utilize high-quality video content or infographics to make your posts more engaging and informative. 

Example social media post:

Staying ahead of the curve is key in real estate! Check out our latest post on summer market trends and what they mean for buyers and renters in the market! Whether you’re looking to buy, rent or even sell, our insights will help you make informed decisions. #MarketTrends #RealEstateTips #RealEstate

Create a list of local establishments 

Providing a list of essential local establishments is incredibly valuable to newcomers. Create posts or stories that spotlight the best grocery stores, restaurants, parks and entertainment options in the area. Consider partnering with these local businesses for cross-promotions, which can increase your visibility in the community. 

Example social media post:

New to the area? Check out our top picks of must-visit spots in the area! From fresh produce at to delicious dining at , we’ve got you covered! Follow us for more local tips and recommendations! #LocalFavorites #CommunityGuide #

Partner with local landscapers

Collaborate with local landscaping businesses to provide valuable content and services for your clients. Offer discounts or promotions in partnership with these companies, adding extra value, and utilize their services for your for-sale properties to showcase their work. Work with them to share tips and advice on maintaining a beautiful yard during the summer months, and share this across your social accounts. 

Example social media post:

Keep your home in top shape this summer with our maintenance tips! From lawn care to pool maintenance to roof inspections, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’re partnering with for exclusive discounts! Send us a message to learn more! #HomeMaintenance #SummerHomeMaintenance #LawnCare

Become a sponsor for local events

Being actively involved in your community not only boosts your visibility, but also shows your dedication to your local market. Sponsoring local events keeps you connected with the community and provides valuable content for your followers. Share event details, behind-the-scenes preparations and live updates during events to keep your audience engaged and showcase your community involvement. 

Example social media post:

We’re proud to be sponsoring this year’s ! Join us for a day of fun, food and community spirit. Check out our booth and come say hello! Stay tuned for live updates from the event! #Living #CommunityFirst #RealEstate

By integrating these strategies into your marketing plan you will not only enhance your visibility and engagement, but also build stronger relationships with your clients and community both online and in person!

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