Social Skills: Blogging to Grow Your Business

Editor’s Note: Social Skills is a bi-monthly feature in RISMedia’s Daily News focused on social media and digital marketing tips, trends and solutions for agents and brokers.

In the modern age of social media forms and the storytelling that comes with them, blogging feels like a bit of an outdated form of marketing. This, however, is absolutely untrue.

Blogging is a lost art of marketing to help grow your real estate business, and there are many ways to pursue it that can be tailored specifically to the face your real estate brand puts forward.

Why blog?

Blogging presents many benefits to your business that have been pushed to the wayside as social technology advances. 

Firstly, it drives traffic to your website. Your website is a primary source of business growth. Even people learning about you through social media will end up on your website to learn more and contact you. Blogging on your website—with strong SEO—will bring in new viewers who will then learn more about your business and end up contacting you for your services.

Blogging can also contribute back into your social media marketing. What you blog about can easily be translated into social media posts that link back to your website to again drive traffic. Plus, this will increase traffic on your socials.

Client trust is also a big part of what blogging can give to your business. A lot of marketing in real estate is branding yourself to be an expert in your field so clients know they can trust you. Blogging helps to prove your expertise in your field by demonstrating your knowledge of the industry and market in all its forms.

Getting started

While the term blogging brings up a vision of something very niche like the MySpace era of online diaries, it has a more broad scope than that. Blogging can range from very informal to professional vibes, but for growing your business you’ll want to lean on the more professional aspect.

Depending on how you’ve themed your business branding you can focus your blogging in a few different ways. 

You can lean on breaking down the housing market news and trends for buyers and sellers to help them understand the market and be prepared for their endeavors (and reach out to you when they need a REALTOR®). 

You can also use your blog to demonstrate your local expertise and brand yourself as a hyperlocal expert by discussing the real estate trends in your area and being a local guide of sorts when it comes to local businesses and attractions.

Another effective blog use is by posting recommendations for home selling, buying and owning—tips and tricks of the trade so to speak. This can range from home improvement, home care/upkeep, decorating, negotiating, choosing an agent, what to look for in inspections and so much more.

You can pursue one path with your blogging efforts, or pursue a little bit of everything, whatever will work best with your brand to help you maximize your marketing.

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