Size Doesn’t Matter With the Modular CUBE Outdoor Kitchen

Who wouldn’t enjoy the convenience of preparing full meals in the backyard or out on a balcony if given the space and accommodations? Introduced at ICFF with plans to hit the market in 2025, CUBE is Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens’ latest collection and first collaboration with Luca Nichetto of Nichetto Studio. CUBE is about modularity for outdoor living at its core, inspired by architectural shapes and clean lines that allow for adaptation at any size. The addition of color and options for application result in something delightfully unexpected and extremely welcoming.

Outdoor modern kitchen with peach-colored cabinetry featuring a built-in grill and gas stovetop against a peach wall.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

“CUBE takes everything from environment, functionality, meticulous craft, and, of course, beauty into account, and its modular design, as well as the wide range of powder coat finishes available, provides limitless design options,” says Luca Nichetto, the designer and founder behind his eponymous practice.

A modern outdoor kitchen countertop with coral-colored cabinets and a built-in stainless steel grill with two knobs.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

Nichetto pulled inspiration from materials and color combinations to truly test the limits of stainless steel. Thanks to CUBE’s concept, every user will be able to have a unique relationship with the collection and the role each piece plays in the final configuration. His goal was to provide near-limitless options through the outdoor kitchen’s wide range of functionality paired with plenty of permutations for personalization.

A modern outdoor kitchen with coral colored cabinets, open drawers, a stainless steel oven with two knobs, and a gas cooktop with three burners.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

“CUBE marks a significant expansion for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, bringing together functionality, style, and quality craftsmanship while remaining true to our DNA,” says celebrated international architect, designer, and creative director Daniel Germani. “Collaborating with Luca, we were able to create a sophisticated product that demonstrates the depth of our engineering and manufacturing expertise while bringing to life our shared vision of such an incredible new offering.”

A modern outdoor kitchen stovetop with four gas burners, black grates, and knobs on a sleek countertop. The background has a warm, peach-colored wall.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

CUBE’s unique genetics are expressed in a variety of ways from the aesthetic styling, which includes color blocking juxtaposed with wood-inspired stainless steel slats, to its problem-solving capabilities. The cabinetry comes with options for soft-close doors and drawers, adjustable shelving, and magnetic closures that can withstand high winds. Optional integrations include a grill, refrigerator, trash receptacle, and sink.

Open kitchen drawers filled with neatly stacked white plates, bowls, and cookware. The cabinetry is a glossy coral color.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

In addition to the luxurious CUBE outdoor kitchen making its debut at ICFF, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens also introduced an exciting new colorway – Red Beige and Salmon, seen here – that’s a bold addition to their current offerings.

A modern outdoor kitchen with a stainless steel grill, an open drawer under the counter, and a stovetop burner. The cabinetry features a glossy, salmon-pink finish.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

Outdoor kitchen with red cabinets, built-in grill, and stovetop against a red wall, adjacent to a white round table and three white chairs. Shadows of the surrounding trees are cast on the walls and floor.

Beige Red + Salmon Pink

A stainless steel outdoor kitchen and grill with two control knobs and a closed lid, next to a yellow and grey storage unit with an open drawer and cabinet containing dishes and bowls.

Autumn Finish

A modern stainless steel and yellow outdoor kitchen set with a built-in grill and storage cabinets, set against a plain white background.

Autumn Finish

Top view of an open kitchen cabinet drawer containing neatly arranged plates, bowls, cups, and a large stainless steel pot with lid. The interior of the drawer is wooden.

Autumn Finish

Close-up view of a modern outdoor kitchen countertop, featuring a sleek dark blue surface and stainless steel appliance with a knob, adjacent to cabinets.

Military Blue

A modern outdoor kitchen setup with a stainless steel grill featuring two knobs, surrounded by blue-green cabinets.

Sea Spray

Modern teal outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and a matching side cabinet in a sunlit setting.

Sea Spray

A modular olive-green outdoor kitchen drawer unit stands on a white floor, positioned in front of a matching set of lower kitchen cabinets.

Dark Highland

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Photography courtesy of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens.

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