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When you envision what linens Tyler, the Creator dozes under at night or dries off with post-shower, you might be picturing colorful knit blankets from Elder Statesman or some embroidered towels from Louis Vuitton (courtesy of his pal and frequent collaborator Pharrell). But in reality, the multihyphenate rapper and designer actually shops a lot more like us. Parachute founder Ariel Kaye tells us that “many, many years ago” her brand designed a custom bed set for Tyler, and he’s been a loyal customer ever since.

Early last year, on one of Tyler’s trips to the brand’s Venice Beach outpost for new sheets and towels (he’s apparently a fan of the mosaic towels and the bedding we’ve deemed the “forever linen sheets”), a conversation about bedding for his home spurred a trip to Parachute’s HQ just around the corner. “I happened to be sitting by the front door, and all of a sudden, I looked up and said, ‘Wow, that’s Tyler,’ and went into a bit of shock,” Kaye says. “He’s easily the most exciting guest we’ve ever had show up unannounced at the company.”

Within moments, the conversation transitioned from custom designs to a full-on collaboration with Tyler’s fashion brand Le Fleur. “We spent almost an hour together that first day that he popped by looking at colors and fabrics,” Kaye says. One of the samples he loved in particular, an unreleased version of Parachute’s best-selling shearling slippers (which have appeared in GQ’s gift guides many times over) in a baby blue, ended up making its way into the limited-edition collaboration which has finally landed on shelves and in stores today.

It’s a tightly curated collection of linen bedding, shearling accessories, and a cozy alpaca throw blanket, ranging from $69 for some pillow shams to $449 for a lavish linen duvet set. Tyler’s love of pastel knits carries over here—including a cotton candy green, the aforementioned “Geneva blue,” and Le Fleur’s signature leopard print. Though Parachute’s partnered with the likes of Kith and Madewell before, the vibrancy of this collection is a clear departure from the neutrals the brand tends to favor.

“We definitely are stepping out of our comfort zone and our color aesthetic to embrace the Le Fleur style, but we really do think that it will appeal to both the Le Fleur customer as well as the Parachute shopper,” Kaye says. “It’s colorful, it’s playful, it’s whimsical, it’s fun.”

See all the new styles, from delightfully fuzzy footwear to printed blankets, that will be running through our daydreams long after they inevitably sell out.

Shop the Collection

Parachute by le FLEUR

Venice Set

Parachute by le FLEUR

Duvet Cover

Parachute by le FLEUR

Sheet Set

Parachute by le FLEUR

Shearling Sphere Pillow

Parachute by le FLEUR

Shearling Slippers

Parachute by le FLEUR

Alpaca Throw

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