Republican Nightmare Grows As Abortion Is Top Motivating Voter Issue

New polling reveals that abortion is the top motivating issue for voters in 67 battleground House districts.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee provided a new polling memo to PoliticusUSA on abortion that found:

Taking a deeper dive into how abortion rights will impact the race for the House Majority, recent DCCC battleground polling across 67 Congressional districts* shows this issue is more likely to drive voter choice than any other: 36% of voters would not vote for a candidate for congress if they disagreed with them on abortion rights.

Opposition to abortion remains a top ‘deal breaker’ issue for voters, and House Democrats continue to have a trust advantage when it comes to protecting voters’ reproductive freedom. When hearing opposing arguments on abortion rights, Democrats win the argument by a 10 point margin, with voters saying they would be more likely to support a Democrat. Tellingly, independent voters indicated they would be more likely to support a Democrat by a margin of 14 points after hearing the same arguments.

The figures in the media and the Republican  Party who claim that abortion doesn’t matter or is a low-priority issue for voters are wrong. Voters have shown time and again over the past two years that abortion rights motivate them to show up and vote. For many voters, reproductive freedom is the only issue that matters.

On the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision, Republicans can continue to pretend that they can figure out a way to strategize around abortion,  but the indications are that if they continue to hold a position that is out of step with almost 70% of the nation, they will pay a heavy price with voters.



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