Republican Moves To Defund IVF Ahead Of Presidential Debate

MAGA House Republican Matt Rosendale (R-MT) has filed an amendment to the defense spending bill to defund IVF.

Here was Rep. Rosendale’s Full press release:
Amendment #112: Defunds assisted reproductive technology that includes any infertility treatments or technologies including IVF to ensure human life is protected.

“While I feel for couples that are unable to have children, the practice of IVF is morally wrong, and I refuse to support any legislation that condones its use,” said Rep. Rosendale. “My amendment will strip funding for this practice, which is responsible for the destruction of life to the tune of hundreds of thousands of children a year. If you are opposed to abortion, you should be opposed to the practice of IVF, which destroys twice as much life as Planned Parenthood yearly.”

Republicans aren’t hiding it. The GOP isn’t playing coy. The plan is to ban IVF if they control the entire federal government. The ban of IVF for members of the military is a test run. If Republicans wanted IVF to stay legal, they would not be trying to ban it for the members of the military.

At a time when the military is struggling to recruit, there aren’t too many worse ideas than taking away IVF treatments as a benefit for servicemembers.

Actions speak louder that words, and what House Republicans are doing gives away their real position on IVF, which is a ban.


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