Rep. Zoe Lofgren Points Out That Biden Can Now Have The Military Kill Conservative SCOTUS Justices

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) pointed out that the conservative Supreme Court majority gave President Biden immunity to use the military to take them out.

Rep. Lofgren said on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Well, he’s been very open about what he intends to do and that’s retribution. He himself said last December, he intends to terminate parts of the constitution. Uh He didn’t say which parts, but apparently the court is going to give him wide range to terminate whatever he wants.

You know, he summoned a mob to Washington knowing they were armed, he sent them to the Capitol to try and prevent the peaceful transfer of power if that’s ok. We’ve got a problem in this country, and certainly in the debate the other night, he would not commit to accepting the election results this November unless he won.

So we’ve got a problem here if, if he cannot be accountable, if any president cannot be held accountable under the laws that exist, that’s a complete departure from our history, I guess, you know, theoretically, President Biden, acting within the scope of his official duties could dispatch the military to take out the conservative justices on the court and he’d be immune.


That is the true farce of the conservative Supreme Court majority’s decision. A president could have Congress and the Supreme Court rounded up by the military and executed and according to the court’s decision, that president would be immune from prosecution.

This ruling ends all accountability for potentially lawless presidents. Instead of celebrating, as Rep. Lofgren points out, Republicans should be horrified because this new immunity applies to both Democratic and Republican presidents.

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