Rep. Jim Clyburn Tells Nervous Democrats To “Chill Out”

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) had a message for Democrats who are nervous about Biden’s debate performance. He advised Democrats to chill out.

Clyburn told reporters, according to The Washington Post’s Dylan Wells:
Rep. Jim Clyburn said he plans to speak to Biden today and tell him to “stay the course.”

He said “there’s no better Democrat” and directed nervous Democrats to “chill out.”

The worst thing that Democrats could do would be to minimize Biden’s debate performance. Biden and his party should learn from what happened at the debate. Biden should use the debate as a lesson to adjust his campaign.

The President should be doing more campaign events and public appearances. Some nationally televised town halls where he takes questions from viewers and reporters would really help.

All in all, the panic and suggestion that President Biden should be removed from the ticket is way overblown. Clyburn is right. Democrats do need to chill, but Biden and his party should not ignore what happened at the debate.


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