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The national housing market, and quite frankly, our industry, has been experiencing plenty of twists and turns for the last few years. In April 2024,® took a stand publicly by calling on the industry to demonstrate the value of buyer agency, with the goal of showcasing the enormous importance of partnering with a buyer’s agent. shared a staggering — though accurate — list of 111 things a homebuyer would need to do if they underwent the buying process without an agent. wanted consumers to see this astonishing volume of to-dos that specifically protect their best interests when purchasing a home. With this list, went big: splashed this wall of tasks across major news publications, print ads, and mobile billboards — and made it available online with their Buyer’s Agent Toolkit for further amplification across the internet. 

Why make such a splash for buyer’s agents?

Simply put, recent legal changes have shaken up consumers’ perception of the crucial role buyers agency plays in making a real estate transaction run smoothly and be successful. Without a buyer’s agent, consumers are at a very real risk of not achieving their homebuying goals. 

Who needs buyer’s agents the most?

This recent seed of distrust planted regarding buyers’ agents puts all consumers at risk, but quickly saw it could deal a serious blow to one particular cohort of consumers: underserved homebuyers. This is especially true for individuals in historically underserved and underrepresented communities, including BIPOC, AANHPI, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, first-time, Veteran and lower-income buyers who need the most help navigating the buying process. These buyers nationwide are at risk of continuing to struggle or face challenges with homebuying.

Why is buyer representation so important for underserved buyers?

Traditionally underserved buyers need hands-on guidance for the purchasing process. Just like the list of a buyer’s agent 111 to-dos, the homebuying process is extensive. One wrong move can cost buyers plenty — literally and figuratively. 

To learn more about the ins and outs of what causes these buyers to be “underserved”, you can dig in to’s Fair Housing Toolkit, but in light of recent industry changes threatening the perception of a buyer’s agent, there’s more work to be done to ensure underserved buyers know how crucial it is to work with an agent.

Join in doing better by these buyers is advocating for buyer agency and the dedicated, hard working professionals who make the dream of homeownership—and the chance at generational wealth—real, for everyone.

3 ways you can join the movement

Even if you’re not actively working with underrepresented or disadvantaged buyers, your voice still makes a difference. Consumers nationwide need to hear from real estate experts. 

To help, created a Buyer’s Agent Toolkit filled with personalizable and impactful content you can use to get the word out there in a variety of formats. Here are three big ways you can join us in doing better by homebuyers. Let’s do this!

  1. Download assets from the updated Buyer’s Agent Toolkit.
  2. Share across your marketing and communications channels.
  3. Amplify messages in support of different groups.

Get the toolkit and start spreading the word

Buyers need you — we can’t let misconceptions, skewed perceptions, or fear dominate consumers and impact homebuyers’ paths to homeownership — especially underrepresented buyers. Together, we can champion the importance and value of buyer’s agency to educate consumers and help buyers find their dream homes.

To get the Buyer’s Agent Toolkit and start spreading the word far and wide, click here.

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