Rachel Maddow: The Republican Party Could Dump Trump As Nominee

Rachel Maddow suggested on MSNBC that Republicans still have time to dump Donald Trump and choose and different nominee.

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Maddow said:

He’s been convicted of 34 felonies, and he is not just a former president, he is the Republican party’s nominee for president. I will go back to the point I made earlier, which is I think the Republican Party has a decision to make now as to whether or not it is okay to be convicted of 34 felonies and still hold the nomination of that party for their presidency — for the presidency.

He is the presumptive nominee. He is not the official nominee of that party. They can choose somebody else at this point, and if the felony convictions mean what they have always meant for everybody else in U.S. History who has encountered the criminal justice system while they were also standing for political office, the Republican party will take that seriously and may reconsider that matter.


The Republican Party should have a conversation with itself about dumping Donald Trump, but they won’t. The Republican Party didn’t dump Trump after the Access Hollywood tape. The GOP didn’t dump Trump after he tried to overthrow the government. The GOP didn’t kick Trump to the curb after he was indicted, and they aren’t going to get rid of Trump over 34 felony.

Maddow was viewing the Republican Party through a prism of rational thought. The GOP is an irrational cult like group that is driven by emotion and loyalty to Trump.

Republicans could pick a new nominee, but the odds are good that they won’t even have the discussion.

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