Olivia Wilde receives support after she claims that she left her rescue dog

Olivia Wilde can be described as a director, actor, mom, and a great maker of salad dressing.

She is however not a dog deserter.

According to Daily Mail, Wilde was rumored to have given her dog away to be closer to Harry Styles. The rescue that Wilde adopted the puppy from setting the record straight.

Malay Rescue shared the story on their Instagram account about Gordy, the dog.

The caption to a series of photos featuring the puppy states that he was rescued from a shelter in Los Angeles in 2018. He was also rescued with his littermates by the Los Angeles-based non-profit. MMaydayfostered him until he found a new home.

We are happy to clarify the facts. Gordy was 2 months old when he was adopted by @oliviawilde. After giving him love, training, and adventures on the road, she discovered that Gordy wasn’t a fan of travel and didn’t like toddlers. Gordy had a strong bond with his dog walker. He was in Gordy’s best interests and, after much thought and consideration, was rehomed to his Brooklyn dog walker.

According to rescue, Olivia called Mayday for discussion, and we were involved with the decision.”

The caption continued, “We are proud to find the perfect forever home for our Mayday pets and sometimes the animal just feels happier in a new environment.” “Olivia is an animal rescue advocate. Gordy was rehomed out of love and compassion.

Based on his Instagram account, the pup seems to be doing well.

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