Newsmakers Spotlight: Malte Kramer Discusses the Importance of CMA and SEO Boosting Tools in the Luxury Market

Malte Kramer, CEO of Luxury Presence, partnered with Sell It Like Serhant to publish the 2023 State of Real Estate Marketing Report, analyzing the current behavior of 1,000-plus luxury agents.

Regarding Luxury Presences’ offerings, Kramer oversaw the launch of many products designed to “move the industry forward and enhance the lives of real estate professionals.” Among them were agent subdomain website builders, boosted by other products such as digital CMAs and SEO boosting tools.

In this exclusive interview, Kramer—a 2024 RISMedia Newsmaker in the Futurists category—explains the challenges facing the luxury real estate market, and how he’s helping agents navigate through the luxury arena, in addition to trends from the 2023 State of Real Estate Marketing report, and the importance of CMAs and SEO boosting tools in enhancing the luxury agent experience.

Jack Walsh: What does it mean to be named one of RISMedia’s 2024 Real Estate Newsmakers?

Malte Kramer: Being named one of RISMedia’s 2024 Real Estate Newsmakers is an incredible honor and a testament to our mission of empowering real estate agents with the best technology. It’s an acknowledgment of our entire team’s collective hard work and dedication.

JW: What are some challenges facing the luxury real estate market, and how are you helping agents navigate these challenges? 

MK: Luxury real estate faces several challenges, including market volatility, high client expectations and the need to adjust to the process changes due to the National Association of REALTORS®’ (NAR) settlement. At Luxury Presence, we help agents navigate these challenges by providing cutting-edge technology and marketing solutions. Our platform offers advanced tools for creating stunning websites, comparative market analysis and robust lead generation. We’re also about to launch a set of exciting new features all designed to help agents future-proof their business after NAR settlement changes go into effect in August.

JW: Can you expand on the scope of the 2023 State of Real Estate Marketing report, and share what important trends you came away with?

MK: The 2023 State of Real Estate Marketing report highlighted several key trends. Firstly, there continues to be an emphasis on proven digital channels such as websites, Google and email marketing. Facebook and Instagram remain the two core platforms for many agents, with an emphasis on video content. Secondly, data-driven decision-making is becoming crucial, with agents leveraging analytics to tailor their strategies. Finally, there’s a growing demand for AI tools to help agents enhance the client experience and automate more repetitive tasks in their daily work. These trends underscore the need for agents to be adaptable and tech-savvy to stay competitive.

JW: Please describe the importance of CMAs and SEO boosting tools when it comes to enhancing the agent experience in today’s landscape.

MK: Comparative Market Analysis (CMAs) and SEO are vital in today’s real estate landscape. CMAs provide agents with accurate and relevant data to price properties competitively, ensuring they can offer informed advice to their clients. SEO tools, on the other hand, enhance online visibility, helping agents attract more traffic to their listings and websites. By leveraging these tools, agents can position themselves as knowledgeable professionals and increase their reach to potential buyers and sellers, ultimately driving more successful transactions.

JW: What is your advice to luxury agents in today’s landscape regarding marketing solutions, and discovering what tools work best toward success?

MK: My advice to luxury agents is to build a marketing system that addresses every step in the customer journey, from attracting traffic to converting leads to delighting customers. The best agents we work with have effective strategies to generate and convert leads, and they leverage technology to deliver a seamless client experience. They typically invest in a strong performance marketing stack, including paid ads on Google, retargeting ads on social media and an AI-powered follow-up system. In addition, the best luxury agents obsess over their brand through design, video, PR and storytelling on social media.

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