New NBC News Hire Ronna McDaniel Defends Her Role In Trump’s Coup On Meet The Press

NBC News’s latest hire, Ronna McDaniel, defended her role in the fake elector plot and claimed that she believes there were irregularities in the 2020 election.

McDaniel made it sound like Republicans who tried to overturn the 2020 election results in Michigan were the real victims during her interview on Meet The Press.

Ronna McDaniel was asked about pressuring Michigan election officials not to certify Joe Biden’s win in 2020 and if she regretted her role.

McDaniel answered, “I regret the fact that people are being threatened for doing their job in this country. I think it’s wrong to say I want a simple audit and to have your family be threatened, your daughter be threatened your livelihood, be threatened, being called racist. Go look at the transcripts and this is the one thing we can’t have one standard for Democrat election workers and not Republican.”

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Kristen Welker asked, “But ultimately, there were 250 audits. They never found there was any corruption. Did you not, did you not have a responsibility as the RNC chair to say before January 6th? The election is not rigged that Donald Trump lost. Given that there were on, it’s given that there were more than 60 sort court cases that occurred all across the country and that Donald Trump lost.”

Ronna McDaniel claimed that there were problems with the 2020 election, “The reality is Joe Biden won. He’s the president. He’s the legitimate president. I have always said and I continue to say there were issues in 2020. I believe that both can be true. You can say massive laws were changed.”


What Welker didn’t ask about was McDaniel telling the 1/6 Committee that she and the RNC provided information gathering and support for Trump’s efforts to overturn the election.

It is clear that NBC News was trying to do a clean-up job and whitewash McDaniel’s role in Trump’s plot against democracy.

Even though NBC News back off of their plan to feature McDaniel on MSNBC, it is clear that the network got what they wanted. Ronna McDaniel went on Meet The Press and backed Trump’s lies, while defending using RNC donor money to pay Trump’s legal bills.

NBC News is paying and giving a national platform to Ronna McDaniel so that she can undermine faith in democracy.

Comcast is free to hire anyone that they would like to work at NBC/Universal, but viewers also have the freedom to not watch their coverage.

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