New Fragrance Brand Uses DNA of Extinct Flowers to Create Scents

Beauty biotech firm, Arcaea has launched Future Society, a first-of-its-kind fragrance brand debuting with six perfumes derived from the sequenced DNA of extinct flowers.
This olfactory experience pushes the boundary of scent creation, embodying the essence of flora lost to time and formulated by renowned perfumers including Jérome Epinette (Robertet), Daniela Andrier (Givaudan) and Olivia Jan (Givaudan).

How the Fragrances Were Made Possible

The Scent Surrection Collection leverages the DNA sequences of extinct flowers to access a fragrance story that previously was not possible. DNA sequencing technology made it possible to understand what scent molecules these flowers may have once produced. This data was then shared with world-renowned perfumers, who used their knowledge of aromachemicals and botany to create Future Society’s fragrance collection.
It is a combination of art and science, enabling consumers to experience the stories of these flowers once thought lost to time.
“Fragrance has always been rooted in powerful storytelling and sensory experiences. We are excited to show how biology can create new stories and product experiences. Science is about more than clinical studies, it also represents new creative tools,” says Jasmina Aganovic, CEO of Arcaea. “Each of these fragrances will transport you to another time and place which would not be possible without the groundbreaking science.”
Fragrances in the collection include:

  • Floating Forest (featuring extinct Shorea cuspidate)

  • Haunted Rose (featuring Macrostylis villosa subspecies 1 + 2)

  • Solar Canopy (featuring Hibiscadelphus wilderianus)

  • Reclaimed Flame (featuring Leucadendron grandiflorum)

  • Invisible Woods (featuring Wendlandia angustifolia)

  • Grassland Opera (featuring Orbexilum stipulatum)

Future Society’s full-sized fragrances are available now on the brand’s website and will roll out on October 16th on Nordstrom’s website and in 20 Nordstrom doors. Discovery kits featuring all six fragrances (2ml each) will retail exclusively on Future Society’s website.

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