Navy Sailor Tried To Access And Presumably Leak Biden’s Medical Records

The Navy has confirmed that a sailor tried numerous times to access President Biden’s medical records.

CBS News reported:
A junior Navy sailor attempted to access the medical records of President Biden from a military medical database three times in February but was unable to do so, the U.S. Navy confirms to CBS News.

The sailor, whose name the Navy will not disclose, was administratively disciplined after an investigation into the attempted breach ended in late April. The person responsible for the breach is a junior enlisted sailor serving in the Navy’s hospital corps and is based at Fort Belvoir, in Virginia, a major medical hub, according to a U.S. official familiar with the situation.

The sailor accessed the Genesis Medical Health System — the database for the military medical system — three times on Feb. 23, but “he did not pull up the right Joe Biden,” the U.S. official said.

Previous incidents of this nature have usually resulted in people compromising systems to leak sensitive information. The sailor in this case was lucky that they failed because the discipline for an unsuccessful attempt might not be as severe as a successful effort would have been.

Biden’s medical records are not some great secret. There are decades of published medical summaries out there about the President. The government still has a file on Trump as well from when he was president, which should also remain confidential.

The incident that was reported by CBS happened months before the current frenzy over Biden’s medical records.

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