Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Planned Her Assassination

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the record straight on Trump’s 1/6 debate lies, and made it clear that Donald Trump planned her assassination.

Former Speaker Pelosi said on MSNBC:

Let’s go back to January 6th because this is one of the charges against the president. The president goes on TV and says I planned my own assassination. No, I didn’t. He did. They’re gonna hang the Vice President Of The United States and they’re going to put a bullet in my F word head, and he he would not send the National Guard. People were injured. Over 100 of law enforcement people were injured. Some people died because of him and people died again because of his delay and denial about COVID. This is a totally irresponsible person. And again, the Supreme Court would say that a person is above the law and they’ve waited months to come to a conclusion about it. It’s gonna be a very important day for our nation.


While the media obsesses over President Biden’s age and debate performance. They are giving a free pass to the guy who tried to overthrow the government and kill the vice president and Speaker of the House. Think about what says about the media’s campaign coverage priorities.

The problem in America isn’t that Joe Biden is old. It is that a former president who plotted to kill the next two people in the constitutional line of succession is not being challenged as he attempts to return to the White House.

But sure, let’s keep pretending that Joe Biden’s age is what really matters, and ignore the lying insurrectionist running the Republican Party.


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