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Musk’s xAI shows there’s more money on the sidelines for AI startups

We’re off to an AI-heavy start to the week. OpenAI has a new deal with the Financial Times that caught our eye. Sure, it’s another content licensing deal, but there appears to be a bit more in the tie-up than just content flowing one way and money the other.

We also dug into the xAI news that TechCrunch broke recently: Musk’s AI enterprise is not looking to raise $3 billion on a $15 billion valuation. No, it’s now looking for $6 billion at an $18 billion valuation. That’s a lot of capital.

There was even more to chat about, including the EU handing Apple even more bad news by placing iPadOS under its DMA rules. That should force the acceptance of third-party app stores on the Apple tablet line in time. And, Tesla got some good news in China, though just how impactful it will prove is not certain at this juncture.

And to close out, The New York Times has a fascinating look at how fast venture capitalists are putting money into AI startups. Given OpenAI’s ability to land big deals with Microsoft money, I wonder if it is enough?

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