Mom Time

The maternal instinct in women is soft and nurturing.

It’s also fierce.

The maternal instinct drives women to sacrifice everything for the sake of their families. I saw that kind of tenacity in my own mother. She took care of five children, worked two jobs, and strived to meet everybody’s needs the best she knew how. We didn’t have much in terms of material wealth, but her love for us was rich, and we were happy.

Most moms are like that. They serve sacrificially, take on more responsibility than they should, and give deeply of themselves – sometimes to their own detriment. For many moms, there is no clocking out, checking out, or leaving work behind. They hit the ground running each morning and don’t stop until long after everyone else has turned in for bed. That’s especially true for single mothers.

That’s why to effectively care for others, moms must first care for themselves. Every mom needs physical, mental, and spiritual rest. Physical rest restores the body. Mental rest restores the mind. Spiritual rest restores the soul. All three are crucial for mothers to manage the challenges of daily life while remaining present and engaged with their families.

Burnout, stress, and exhaustion aren’t cured with a nap or a vacation. They must be overcome. How? By adopting healthy rhythms of living that foster physical, mental, and spiritual restoration.

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