Michigan Secretary of State Hammers Ronna McDaniel For Endangering Election Workers

Michigan Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson said that Ronna McDaniel endangered the state’s election workers by pushing Trump’s lies.

McDaniel defended participating in Trump’s attempted coup on Meet The Press:

McDaniel said:

I regret the fact that people are being threatened for doing their job in this country. I think it’s wrong to say, “I want a simple audit,” and to have your family be threatened, your daughter be threatened, your livelihood be threatened, being called racist. Go look at the transcripts. And this is the one thing: We can’t have one standard for Democrat election workers –and not Republican.

Michigan Sec. of State Benson responded:

Hi @RonnaMcDaniel👋🏼 I also “regret the fact that people are being threatened for doing their job.” For the last 3+ years professional election workers have been threatened because of yours & others’ lies. No amount of memory lapses changes that reality.

Ronna McDaniel and the candidate whose criminality she enabled are a big reason why election workers were and are still being threatened.

For McDaniel to pretend like it is somehow Democrats who are threatening election workers, is borderline delusional.

The reason why election workers are being threatened is because Donald Trump lied about them to tell his false tales of rigged and stolen elections.

NBC News gave Ronna McDaniel the platform to spread these lies and now public officials are taking to social media to correct the record, and stop the spread of false information.

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