Meet The Press’s Concern Trolling About Hunter Biden Backfires

Meet The Press’s Peter Alexander asked about Hunter Biden being an election concern, but Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) turned the question into a backfire.


Alexander asked, “Even though Hunter Biden is not on the ballot, the case this fall could raise some potentially damaging details about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. How concerned should Democrats be about another high profile trial in the waning weeks of this campaign season?”

Rep. Khanna who is also a Biden campaign surrogate answered, “It won’t be an issue because Democrats actually believe in the rule of law. You asked Representative Donalds, would you accept the Trump case? Even if it went to an appeal? He didn’t say yes, I would accept it if it was overturned and I accept whatever the judicial process is with Hunter Biden. This is really about a father’s love for a son of someone who has had addiction and he understands that the legal, he will have legal consequences and the president is prepared to deal with that with the love of a father on Father’s Day. I think that’s what’s going to come out. The President’s love and concern for someone who’s had a difficult time.”

It is shameful, but not surprising that the corporate media is trying to make Hunter Biden an issue in the campaign. Right after the Hunter Biden question, Alexander pivoted to a question about President Biden’s age.

If the press is going to ask about Hunter Biden, they are going to get an answer that highlights President Biden’s love for his son and the importance of accountability and facing consequences. Instead of being a political liability, the Hunter Biden conviction could show the strength and character of Joe Biden.


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