Manhattan Prosecutors Says Trump’s Attacks Have Inspired Bomb Threats

Manhattan prosecutors have asked Judge Merchan to keep Trump’s gag order in place due to his history of threatening and inflammatory statements that have led to threats against others.

The AP reported:
In court papers filed Friday, prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney’s office argued that portions of the gag order remained necessary given Trump’s “singular history of inflammatory and threatening public statements,” as well as efforts by his supporters to “identify jurors and threaten violence against him.”

“Since the verdict in this case, defendant has not exempted the jurors from his alarming rhetoric that he would have ‘every right’ to seek retribution as president against the participants in this trial as a consequence of his conviction because ’sometimes revenge can be justified,” the filing states.

Lisa Rubin of NBC News tweeted:

Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous. With a gag order, Trump has inspired bomb threats against two people associated with the case. Prosecutors do agree with Trump’s lawyers that the limitation on discussing witnesses can be lifted, but they made it clear in their filing that the rest of the order needs to stay in place as a matter of public safety.

Donald Trump’s words put the lives of people associated with the case at risk, which is why the gag order should not be lifted.


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